Observations From Auto Shows

While headlines focus on the future of electric vehicles, has the auto industry given up on the internal combustion engine?

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The Effects of More Electric Vehicles on Utilities
May 21, 2018

Slow Evolution of Fuels Market Expected
Apr 16, 2018

Global Initiatives on Fuels and Vehicles
Apr 2, 2018

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Fuels Institute Research

The Case of E15
A comprehensive assessment, presented as individual case studies, of retailer experiences selling E15, including the decision process, requirements to sell E15, equipment configurations, marketing strategy and consumer response.
Consumers and Alternative Fuels 2017
This report is based upon an annual consumer survey exploring the attributes most important to consumers when buying a new vehicle, including the importance of alternative powertrains such as electric and diesel powered vehicles. View detailed infographic here.
Global Initiatives: Assessing Current & Future Global Initiatives on Fuels & Vehicles
"Global Initiatives" discusses and compares the current and future governmental regulations affecting the fuels and vehicles market.
Read executive summary here.
2017 Case Competition: Introducing a New Transportation Energy System
Fuels Institute's 2017 Case Competition submissions of the winning team, two semi-finalists, and two honorable mentions.
Tomorrow's Vehicles
"Tomorrow's Vehicles" is a series of three reports forecasting the market shares of the vehicles expected to be sold and driven in the United States and Canada through the year 2025, the current target date of federal fuel efficiency standards.
Read executive summary here.
New Technology Adoption Curves - A Case Study on Delivering E25-Capable Vehicles to Market
The case study evaluates how many vehicles equipped to operate on E25 must be sold each year to achieve a 20% share of vehicles on the road by a certain moment in time. The case study serves as an example of what will be required to achieve significant market penetration for any new technology.