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How Mexico's Deregulated Fuels Affects the U.S.
Jan 30, 2017

Assessing U.S. Fuel Distribution
Jan 16, 2017

Consumer Sentiment and Gas Prices
Jan 09, 2017

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Fuels Institute Research

Retailing E85: An Analysis of Market Performance, July 2014-August 2015
Analysis of the E85 retail market over a 13-month period from 620 E85 retail locations.
Assessment of the U.S. Fuel Distribution Network
An overview of the U.S. liquid fuels distribution system, evaluating the operations of each component of the value chain and assessing the complexities associated with delivering fuel to consumers.
2016 Fuels Institute Case Competition - Future of Transportation
University case competition featuring the complete submissions by students from UC Berkeley, Duke, Morgan State, Clemson and University of Colorado at Boulder.
Shared Travel: Revolution or Evolution?
An In-Depth Fleet Analysis of Shared Urban Mobility.
Fuel Prices and Auto Sales
A new study examines the widespread notion that retail fuel prices have a direct correlation on consumer vehicle purchasing behavior.
Driver Demographics - The American Population's Effect on Vehicle Travel and Fuel Demand
An analysis of the historic growth and stabilization of vehicle-miles traveled, through a demographic examination of drivers and driver behavior.