• The Effects of More Electric Vehicles on Utilities

    Convenience Matters Podcast | May 21, 2018

    Can the electric power infrastructure handle the rapid growth in electric vehicle usage in the US? Hear how utility companies are preparing for increased energy usage anticipated by 2030.

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  • Slow Evolution of Fuels Market Expected

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Apr 16, 2018

    According to the Fuels Institute, the vehicles and fuels market will evolve slowly without the influence of a strong external factor, such as policy or regulations. What does this mean for gas stations?

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  • Global Initiatives on Fuels and Vehicles

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Apr 2, 2018

    Countries around the world are racing to phase out gasoline and diesel vehicles. What does this mean for fuel retailers?

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  • Inside the Minds of Today's Car Customer

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Mar 19, 2018

    What consumers think doesn't translate into what they'll purchase at the dealership. Join us as we chat with Jessica Caldwell, Executive Director/Strategic Analytics of Edmunds and take a deeper dive into consumer purchasing trends.

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  • Price Matters

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Feb 19, 2018

    We interviewed consumers to find out if price really matters to them when buying gas and cars. Are customers really as concerned about the cost of getting around as we think?

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  • Autonomous Cars, Holograms, Big Brother and Hackers

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Feb 5, 2018

    The International Consumer Electronics Show is the world's gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. Hear what CES had on display from the latest trends in vehicles to technology and gadgets designed to make life more convenient.

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  • New Vehicle Technologies and Urban Design

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Jan 15, 2018

    Emerging technologies are having profound effects on how we live, move and spend our time in cities, but also increasingly on urban form and development itself. Listen in as we discuss the secondary impacts of emerging technologies on urban design and transportation.

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  • Gas Prices: Causes and Consequences

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Jan 1, 2018

    Oil prices heavily influence the price of gasoline and diesel fuel at gas stations. How can you anticipate this to better serve your customers?

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  • Dispensing Advice with Leaders of PEI

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Nov, 2017

    Hear from the leaders of the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) about issues important to the equipment industry, fuel retailers and general public customers. Topics covered include data security, fuel dispensing technology, international engagement, and consumer protections.

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  • Keep on Trucking

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Oct 2, 2017

    There are roughly 34 million trucks registered for commercial use in the United States hauling about 10.5 billion tons of freight and logging almost 450 billion miles each year. Hear what keeps them moving when we talked with experts from the American Trucking Associations.

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  • Is It the End for Gas Stations?

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Sept 18, 2017

    Internationally, governments have pledged to end liquid fuels dominance by going all-in on electric vehicles (EVs). Will we see the U.S. go this route? We discuss a recent Fuels Institute study that might tell us what this means for the traditional gas station.

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  • Fuel Supply and Demand

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Sept 5, 2017

    One week after Hurricane Harvey made landfall, the fuel supply chain continues to be affected around the United States. As Hurricane Irma approaches Florida, fuel demand will become a hot topic. Find out what this means for convenience stores and consumers in this special episode recorded on September 5, 2017.

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  • Transforming Mobility

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Sept 4, 2017

    Today's mobility system is centered around privately-owned, individually-driven, gas-powered personal vehicles that sit unused 95% of the day accounting for 15% of U.S. emissions that increase pollution, traffic congestion and infrastructure pressure. What emerging technologies and societal trends could create opportunities for a reinvisioned mobility future?

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  • Hurricane Harvey's Effect on the Fuel Market

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Aug 31, 2017

    Hurricane Harvey's effect on the fuel infrastructure is now being felt across the country. Find out what this means for gas stations and consumers in this special episode recorded Aug. 31.

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  • Tomorrow's Vehicles: Projections Through 2025

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Aug 21, 2017

    Regulations affecting vehicles in the United States and Canada have the potential to dramatically reshape the transportation industry by 2025. The manufactured vehicles and required fuels could influence the landscape of the fuel supply and distribution industry in the coming decade.

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  • The Effect of Urban Development on Vehicle Travel and Fuel Demand

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Aug 7, 2017

    Leveraging more than 100 years of public data, experts evaluate the relationship between transportation capabilities and where and how people live. Hear insight into the dynamics that might shape living conditions as populations in urban environments expand.

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  • Bringing Ethanol and Electricity to Market

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Jul 31, 2017

    We talked with Kum & Go's VP of Fuel, James Peroli about selling E-15, customer reactions and his opinion on the future of mobility.

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  • Fueling With Purpose

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Jul 17, 2017

    We talk with Pete Davis, founder and CEO of GreenPrint, about consumer brand preference for sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and how that affects fuel retailers.

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  • How Would You Introduce a New Transportation Energy System?

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Jul 3, 2017

    Winners of the 2017 Fuels Institute Case Competition, Georgetown students Jesse Spodak and Mary Fay, discuss how their model for a new transportation energy system would rely on liquefied natural gas (LNG) to power fleets of autonomous, light-duty vehicles for shared use in urban areas.

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  • Gulf Oil on Weathering A Storm

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Jun 5, 2017

    Hear from fuels expert, Ron Sabia, former president of Gulf Oil, as he talks about the impact of disruptions like hurricanes on fuel supply.

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  • Fuel Future is Not Rotten

    Convenience Matters Podcast | May 1, 2017

    It's okay to look in the rear-view mirror, but what's more important lies ahead for the convenience retail industry. We will talk about what really matters to consumers and where they will be shopping in the coming days.

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  • Is Anyone Buying E85?

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Apr 17, 2017

    The Fuels Institute E85 retail market report takes a deep dive into retail daily sales data to uncover whether E85 pricing really matters to consumers.

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  • Gas Prices Affect Consumer Behavior

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Apr 3, 2017

    When gas prices go down, do people drive more? The 2017 NACS Consumer Fuels Survey tackles this question and reveals other insights for retailers.

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  • A Bumpy Ride Expected for the Fuels Market

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Mar 20, 2017

    If oil and gas prices are in the news, there's a good chance that Tom Kloza is being quoted. He has covered the downstream oil markets for over 40 years and had been extensively quoted on trends and analysis related to the petroleum industry. On this episode, we talk to Tom about some of the big-picture issues that could affect the market.

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  • Insights from the Consumer Fuels Study

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Feb 27, 2017

    Nearly 40 million Americans fill up every day. How they drive, consider gas prices and determine whether to go inside a c-store to shop has a profound impact on the retail channel that sells 80% of the fuel purchased in the U.S. On this episode, we examine:

    • Consumers at the pump
    • How retailers can change consumer behavior
    • Overall driving habits

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  • The Big Trends from the Auto Show

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Feb 20, 2017

    If you haven't been to a car showroom in a while, you'll be in for a surprise next time you go. Automakers are emphasizing new fuels and power sources, as well as amenities that make your car feel like your living room. We'll take listeners through some major trends on display at the 2017 Washington Auto Show—and discuss what it means to retailers.

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  • How Mexico's Deregulated Fuels Affects the U.S.

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Jan 30, 2017

    Recent challenges with adjusting to a deregulated market in Mexico have led to an unusual sight: Mexicans coming across the border to buy fuel. Recent price increases and shortages are part of the growing pains for the Mexican petroleum market that's in the early stages of adjusting to a deregulated market for the first time in nearly 80 years.

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  • Assessing U.S. Fuel Distribution

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Jan 16, 2017

    This week we examine a Fuels Institute research report that evaluates the U.S. supply chain—how it works and what limitations exist to accommodate diverse fuel specifications and achieve higher biofuels penetration. Understanding the fundamentals of this complex system is essential for anyone considering introducing a new product into the market.

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  • Consumer Sentiment and Gas Prices in 2017

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Jan 9, 2017

    Consumer sentiment about the economy is typically aligned with gas prices—when cost falls, optimism rises. But as 2017 begins, consumer confidence is at a record high—while gas prices are higher than prices a year ago. With fuel cost largely out of the control of retailers, what do recent market developments mean for fuels retailers in 2017?

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  • Assessing Fuel Markets

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Dec 26, 2016

    One thing is certain-fuel retailing isn't easy, and it's getting more complicated with increased competition, de-regulation, volume challenges and ever-diminishing margins around the world. On this episode, hear how the early stages of de-regulation is affecting markets in India, Brazil and Morocco.

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  • EPA and Tank Corrosion

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Dec 05, 2016

    EPA's Office of Underground Storage Tanks ensures that fuel retailers maintain their tank systems to prevent petroleum releases. A 2016 report found that many fuel retailers have experienced excessive corrosion in their systems and many more may not even know they have a problem. On this episode, we speak with EPA about this study.

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  • Store Tours: South America

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Oct 24, 2016

    The fuels and vehicles markets are global in scope, with a number of trends in South America relevant to the U.S.-from how vehicles are fueled, to what fuels are sold, to what consumers do once they're inside a store. And, as expected, some interesting fueling-related issues have emerged.

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  • Ethanol Overview

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Oct 17, 2016

    Ethanol is the fuel that was used in the first automobiles produced in the 1880's. It's continuing to evolve with new blends and feedstocks, and an expanded distribution infrastructure that is efficient at delivering ethanol to markets throughout the U.S. Hear some trends you can expect to see in your tank - and get some in-depth analysis of the market.

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  • Will Fuel Efficiency Standards Survive the Midterm Review?

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Sep 12, 2016

    Automakers and the fuels industry are working to increase fuel efficiency to 54.5 mpg by the year 2025-to comply with CAFE standards that were imposed in 2008. Recognizing potential changes in the marketplace, a midterm review was part of the initial implementation plan. Should these standards be adjusted due to current car sales and fuel consumption?

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  • Will Tesla's Reality Meet Its Dreams?

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Aug 29, 2016

    Tesla has had an amazing year. It has 400,000 pre-orders for its new 3 series, at a time when sales from EV automakers are about 11,500 a year. Plus, its stock is rising, even as it begins to experience growing pains. Will its promise will be greater than its success? How will Tesla affect the future of EV in the U.S.?

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  • AAA Evaluates Fuel Performance

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Aug 15, 2016

    In July 2016, AAA published a report advising drivers to seek out retailers who sell "Top Tier" gasoline. Automakers have been promoting Top Tier gasoline since the early 2000s and have recently boosted their efforts to recruit more retailers to sell it. So, what is Top Tier gasoline and why is it considered better for your engine?

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  • Fueling a Clean Transportation Future

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Aug 08, 2016

    The fuels that power today's vehicles are cleaner and more uniform than ever, but that's not the case further "upstream." Cheap and easily accessed oil reservoirs are drying up, forcing major industry players to extract and refine riskier, costlier and dirtier sources of oil. What we can do to ensure the oil we use doesn't get dirtier?

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  • How Does the Renewable Fuel Standard Affect Me?

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Jul 18, 2016

    The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), has been around for more than a decade. Today, ethanol comprises about 10% of the total fuel sold in the United States, but there are some changes coming that will affect both retailers and their customers.

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  • Gas to Go

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Jul 4, 2016

    A number of emerging companies are seeking to disrupt the retail fueling business by offering gas on demand: click on an app, order your fuel and wait for your fill-up. These companies proclaim "welcome to life without gas stations" and "Never stop for gas again." What are their odds of success in unsettling the 39 million fill-ups across the U.S. each day?

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  • Defining the Future of Fuels

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Jun 6, 2016

    Smartphones have transformed how people communicate and share moments from their lives on social media. They're also transforming how people share things — whether rented homes, goods or even cars. The allure of shared transportation comes down to one central fact: The average vehicle is used about 5%, on average, each day. Will shared travel disrupt the market — and if so, who will lead this change?

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  • Defining the Future of Fuels

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Apr 4, 2016

    From electric charging to ethanol to compressed natural gas and hydrogen, new fueling options continue to gain traction in the marketplace. As these and other new fueling options emerge as viable alternatives to traditional gasoline and diesel fuel, it is critical that policymakers and industry leaders have access to the latest research related to consumer vehicles and the fuels that power them.

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  • Gas Prices: The Questions You Want Answered

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Mar 7, 2016

    Nearly 40 million Americans fill up their gas tanks on a daily basis, oftentimes searching for a good price and convenient location. There is arguably no product that consumers think more about on a daily basis — yet at the same time is so misunderstood. On this episode, we answer some common questions about gas prices.

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  • Is Hydrogen the Next Big Fuel?

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Feb 15, 2016

    Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. We will never run out of it. But will we run our cars on it? There are a number of high-level initiatives that are seeking to make hydrogen-fueled vehicles a reality.

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  • New Cars and New Fuels

    Convenience Matters Podcast | Feb 1, 2016

    Convenience stores sell 80% of the gas purchased in the country, but what will those vehicles look like in the coming years?

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