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Founded by NACS in 2013, the Fuels Institute is a nonprofit tax-exempt social welfare organization under section 501 (c) (4) of the Internal Revenue Code. We are dedicated to evaluating issues affecting the vehicles and fuels markets. We commission comprehensive, fact-based research projects that are designed to answer questions, not advocate a specific outcome. Our reports address the interests of industry stakeholders - from business owners making long-term investment decisions to policymakers considering legislation and regulations that affect these markets.

By bringing together diverse stakeholders, we facilitate industry collaboration and identify opportunities and challenges associated with new technologies. Our partners are dedicated to promoting facts and providing decision makers with the most credible information possible so the market can deliver the best vehicle and fuel options to consumers.

Fuels Institute participants include:

  • Fuel retailers
  • Fuel producers and refiners
  • Alternative and renewable fuel producers
  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Environmental advocates
  • Consumer organizations
  • Academics
  • Government entities
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The Fuels Institute welcomes the input and participation of all interested parties. To learn more about the Institute, our research or to learn how you can become involved, please contact us.

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John Eichberger
Executive Director
Amanda Appelbaum
Director, Research
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Director, Operations