Changing How Consumers Buy Gas

  NACS Magazine |  October 01, 2018

Is on demand mobile fueling the next evolution of full-service? Or will on-demand mobile startups struggle to gain market share among a well-established retail fueling industry?

To EV or Not to EV?

  NACS Magazine |  June 01, 2018

An analysis based upon consumer behavioral science analyzing how consumers make decisions regarding vehicles and fuels and how this behavior can influence the evolution of the transportation sector.

Would You Like to Go For a Walk? The ICE is Not Dead Yet

  NACS Magazine |  April 01, 2018

Let me begin with a question-how sick are you of hearing about electric vehicles? In the past couple of years, I would estimate that 82% (yes, this is made up and my go-to made up statistic) of the questions I get from people center around the potential rate of electric vehicle market growth.

The Case of E15

  NACS Magazine |  February 01, 2018

A comprehensive assessment, presented as individual case studies, of retailer experiences selling E15, including the decision process, requirements to sell E15, equipment configurations, marketing strategy and consumer response.

Global Trends Can Affect Your Business, But Probably Not for a Very Long Time

  IGM |  January 01, 2018

Global headlines have many scratching the heads at one end of the spectrum and absolutely panicking on the other end. And there is good reason.

Ghost Drivers

  NACS Magazine |  November 01, 2016

The future of autonomous vehicles is already here.

Tell Me Why

  NACS Magazine |  September 01, 2016

The mystique of alternative fuels continues to capture our attention.

Driving Ahead

  NACS Magazine |  July 01, 2016

Focused on the future of fuels and environmental concerns, the Fuels Institute's Annual Meeting sparked lively debate.


  NACS Magazine |  May 01, 2016

The fuels market is changing, just not very fast.

A New Path Forward

  NACS Magazine |  March 2013