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Observations on the current happenings in the world of vehicles and the fuels that power them from Fuels Institute Executive Director, John Eichberger.

Butterfly Effect and Forecasts
A friend of mine who worked for a market analysis and consulting firm at the time, and who personally produced many forecasts about the transportation market (including some for the Fuels Institute), once told me – a forecast is only as good as the assumptions used and the results are outdated as soon as they are released.

Walk and Chew Gum – Keeping Biofuels at the Table
While new technology will go a long way to helping us on a path towards carbon neutrality in the transportation sector, we have lost sight of something very important. Internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEV) remain the dominant source of mobility in the world. We have to walk and chew gum at the same time – we can and have a responsibility to embrace new technologies while simultaneously improving upon existing ones.

A Core Motivation of Decarbonization
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has proposed rules on Environmental and Social Responsibility (ESG) that may be finalized as early as December 2022. For this reason, and many others, it is critical that businesses engaged in the transportation sector pay attention to their environmental performance. Here’s a detailed explanation of why. 

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Podcast - Convenience Matters

Hosted by the Fuels Institute and NACS, Convenience Matters brings you weekly podcasts talking all things convenience and fuels related. About half of the U.S. population stops at a convenience store every day. Hear what we're seeing at stores and what the future may hold for the convenience retail industry.

What’s Driving Higher Transportation Costs?
Vehicle sales trends have massive implications for the economy and the future of fueling. What’s affecting sales now, and what could change in the next five years?

Reimagining an EV Charging Experience
A vehicle charging area can be more than just chargers in the parking lot corner. Consider a customer-centric experience to surprise and delight charging guests.

ESG Planning
Whether privately held, publicly traded or seeking access to capital, bankers and investors are asking companies for their ESG plan. What will you show them?

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Carpool Chats

The transportation-energy sector never slows down, and it’s hard to keep up with the most important news in each sector. Carpool Chats are the definition of a quick update delivered directly to you in 20-minutes or less. The Fuels Institute team does the necessary research and delivers the industry’s brightest minds discussing the most important topics to you ensuring you stay up to date with this fast paced industry. Carpool Chats work perfectly with your schedule; delivering content that’s brief and in a manner that everyone will understand.

Consumer Perspective and It's Impact on Efforts to Decarbonize | Episode 49
We will not be able to influence the environment through vehicle and energy options if consumers do not have access to them or decide not to purchase and use them. As part of his role at NACS, Jeff Lenard is responsible for overseeing consumer surveys that help explain what consumers want, and the critical elements that drive their decisions related to vehicle choice and driving patterns. Understanding the consumer's mindset is key to understanding what options might exist to guide consumers toward lower emission options.

FUELS2022 Preview With Keynote Speaker, Stephen Hightower | Episode 48
Stephen Hightower is the Chief Operating Officer of Hightowers Petroleum Company - a leading energy supplier in North America. Over their 40 years of existence, Hightowers has consistently navigated the changing conditions of the transportation energy industry to seek new opportunities for growth. Much can be learned from their progressive stance on things like Environment, Social, and Governance planning and performance and how their core values impact their ability to evolve.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Takes the Spotlight | Episode 47
Increasing demands from investors, consumers, and policymakers make ESG pursuits a timely and fiscally responsible consideration. Without adequate ESG planning, public and private companies risk the loss of access to capital as well as customer loyalties. Listen in as we discuss the ESG movement and why it matters to your business.

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Video Series

Fuels Institute regularly creates video content including webinars and vlogs. Visit our library and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on our latest releases.

Impact of E-Commerce on Last Mile | Webinar
Dr. Monique Stinson, Technical Manager of Freight Systems and Analytics with Argonne National Laboratory, presents results and insights on urban retail transportation trends from the SMART Mobility Capstone reports.

Joe Butler | Board Spotlights
Interview with Joe Butler, Senior Director of Supply-Gulf Coast at Pilot Company.

Brian Mormino | Board Spotlights
Interview with Brian Mormino, Executive Director, Technical and Environmental Systems at Cummins Inc.

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