Hosted by the Fuels Institute and NACS, Convenience Matters brings you weekly podcasts talking all things convenience and fuels related. About half of the U.S. population stops at a convenience store every day. Hear what we're seeing at stores and what the future may hold for the convenience retail industry.

Increasing Fuel Options for Consumers

  Convenience Matters Podcast |  December 04, 2019

Liquid fuels continue to be the primary source of transportation power in the U.S. Hear where the liquid fuels market is today, what’s available and what’s next.

Educating Consumers to Care About Fuel Quality

  Convenience Matters Podcast |  November 04, 2019

Consumers generally don't pay attention to the quality of gasoline they put into their cars. But, fuel marketers, the US EPA and the auto industry do.

Fuels by the Numbers

  Convenience Matters Podcast |  October 14, 2019

NACS collects a lot of sales data from retailers throughout the year. What are the metrics related to fuel sales, what do they mean for convenience stores and gas stations and what might they mean for drivers and consumers?

Listening to the Industry

  Convenience Matters Podcast |  September 23, 2019

NACS President & CEO Henry Armour shares his perspective of NACS, transportation, the convenience industry, customers and stores while looking back at his career at the helm of the convenience industry’s international association. With a cross-country road trip recently under his belt, he talks about the state of the industry and the future as he sees it.

The End of Car Ownership?

  Convenience Matters Podcast |  September 02, 2019

Reports allude to the idea that the end of personal vehicle ownership is inevitable; however, consumers have some say in that. Join us as we chat with Micah Muzio, Managing Editor, Video, of Kelley Blue Book and take a deeper dive into consumer purchasing trends.

Mexico's Deregulated Fuels Market: Two Years Later

  Convenience Matters Podcast |  August 21, 2019

In 2017, price increases, poor fuel quality and shortages were all part of the growing pains for the Mexican petroleum market following the deregulation of the energy market. Two years later, has there been any improvement and is there a place for U.S. retailers to get involved?

Sustainable Cities & New Mobility

  Convenience Matters Podcast |  August 06, 2019

Clean Cities coalitions are transforming local transportation markets to implement alternative fuels, advanced vehicle technologies and fuel-saving strategies. With more than 80% of the U.S. population living inside the boundaries of Clean Cities and given convenience stores sell 80% of the nation’s fuel, hear how retailers can take advantage of available funds to assist in keeping the fueling infrastructure in-line with customer needs.

Gas Pump Disruption

  Convenience Matters Podcast |  July 16, 2019

As transportation trends evolve, will retailers follow government regulation or consumer demand? Hear the perspectives of two fuel retailing decision-makers and learn how market disruptions create business opportunities.

Keeping USTs Underground Where They Belong

  Convenience Matters Podcast |  June 17, 2019

Preparing for disaster – above and below ground – is critical for a gas station’s survival. Hear from U.S. EPA to prepare underground storage tanks for whatever may come their way.

What's Driving Autonomous Vehicle Adoption

  Convenience Matters Podcast |  May 20, 2019

Self-driving cars were supposed to be the next big thing, but might not be as close to reality as experts once thought. But, minor changes are well underway – advanced braking systems and lane assist in vehicles and ride sharing popularity show that drivers and passengers are willing to slowly forfeit driving control. What’s the scoop?