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Decrypting Media Hype | Webinar

July 09, 2018

Headlines declare the revolutionary pace of change affecting the transportation energy market, particularly with respect to electric vehicles and the fate of internal combustion engines. But, does the hype reflect reality? Watch as Fuels Institute Executive Director, John Eichberger, melds the Institute’s research with third-party analyses and shares his perspective on the pace of change and factors that could influence the market.

Consumer Vehicle Choice | Webinar

July 03, 2018

The composition of the vehicle market over the past 15 years has naturally evolved, with consumers gravitating towrds different classes of vehicles over time. But why have certain vehicle classes thrived while others have struggled? Watch the discussion between John Eichberger (Fuels Institute), Alan Baum (Baum & Associates) and John Gartner (Navigant Research), as they provide additional fact-based context to better understand the factors influencing consumer vehicle choice.