The Commute

Observations on the current happenings in the world of vehicles and the fuels that power them from Fuels Institute Executive Director, John Eichberger.

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Is Big Brother Watching?

  John Eichberger |  November 1, 2015

It has been 31 years since George Orwell’s vision of the future in “1984” came and went without incident, but technology is catching up and enabling the potential emergence of Big Brother. Of course, like all potentially invasive government programs in science fiction stories, the core objectives are clearly benevolent and seek to serve the common good – but in the wrong hands…

Fuel Without a Cause

  John Eichberger |  October 1, 2015

Visiting the Indianapolis 500 Speedway Museum during the 2015 Fuels Institute Annual Meeting gave me a lot to think about.

Take a Little Trip

  John Eichberger |  September 1, 2015

Personal experience is key to understanding alternative vehicle technology.