• Optimum Octane Fuel & Low-Sulfur Gasoline

    By Wayne B. Geyer | August 2017

    With the future of liquid fuels so uncertain, the DOE has undertaken a project to develop an "ultimate" high octane fuel, while EPA has mandated cuts to Sulphur in gasoline. No one knows for sure where the industry is going, but it is safe to say that changes are on the horizon.

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  • Trump EPA Speaks on RFS/EPA Proposes Renewable Volume Obligations

    July 2017

    Reactions to the EPA's proposed renewable volume obligations for 2018, including an analysis of the facts and questions left unanswered.

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  • A Future Where My Mom Agrees

    By Jory Peppelaar | June 2017

    Reflections on auto industry trends personal consumer behavior by Case Competition finalist and Fuels Institute summer intern, Jory Peppelaar.

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  • Understanding the Big Picture

    By Scott Negley | May 2017

    Given the uncertainty of future fueling, communication and collaboration between industry stakeholders is especially important.

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  • Fast. Fresh. Friendly. Sustainable?

    By Pete Davis | April 2017

    Based on our collective years of industry and market research, our opinion and findings remain steady: Consumers are changing their buying behavior and are turning their wallets towards companies who give back and implement sustainable practices.

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  • What Can We Learn from the Food Industry?

    March 2017

    In this month's article, questions are posed regarding the lack of consumer education surrounding the fuels industry.

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  • EVs-101

    By Jim Burness | January 2017

    In this month's article, we gain some answers to the questions on the minds of many fuel retailers. Jim Burness, CEO of National Car Charging, lays out the ways in which fuel retailers can gain and keep electric vehicle customers.

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  • An Update from the SIGMA Annual Meeting!

    By Ryan McNutt, CEO, SIGMA | November 2016

    In this month's discussion, we invited Ryan McNutt, CEO of SIGMA, to discuss some of the highlights from the November SIGMA Annual Meeting.

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  • Thank You!

    By Donovan Woods | October 2016

    In this month's discussion we celebrate our one-year anniversary of Fuel for Thought! A lot has happened and more is on the horizon.

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  • Diesel Just Can't Be Knocked Out!

    By Ezra Finkin | September 2016

    In the wake of the VW emissions cheating scandal, many were quick to write the obituary for diesel in the passenger vehicle market in the U.S. Now, one year after the announcement the diesel passenger market is …. still alive and kicking. The diesel passenger vehicle market is almost where it was before the scandal broke and more automakers have introduced diesel options in models consumers are choosing in record numbers. More diesels on the road will help us achieve energy security and greenhouse gas reduction goals and help meet climate commitments.

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  • Fueling informed decisions

    By Greg Brannon | August 2016

    It's not surprising that gasoline is the number one topic of discussion for AAA, considering that 96 percent of U.S. motorists typically drive a vehicle that uses gas. Fuel comprises nearly 15 percent of the annual cost of vehicle ownership, so consumers, naturally, want to understand what impacts gas prices. But they also want to know how to improve fuel economy, which gas is best for their vehicle, and if their fuel choice could harm the vehicle.

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  • Predicting Hydrogen Fuel Location Demand

    By Ian Thompson | July 2016

    In this month's discussion we invited Ian Thompson, Senior Vice President Global Solutions Consultancy at Kalibrate, to discuss the challenge of introducing a new fuel to consumers.

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  • Demystifying an Uncertain Future

    By Norman Turiano | June 2016

    This month we invited Norman Turiano, a c-store veteran with more than 25 years in the industry, to discuss the challenges retailers face when looking at a future that has one-or more-alternative fuel options.

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  • How Will the Adoption of Alternative Fuel Vehicles, New Technologies, and Changing Consumer Habits Affect the C-Store Industry?

    By Van S. Tarver | May 2016

    Learn How Today's Leading Retailers are Preparing for Changes to Come

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  • Sharing Economy: Advantages & Disadvantages

    By Hart Schwartz | March 2016

    In the previous month's blog, I explained how I went from walking or using public transit, to using car-sharing services (Uber, Lyft, Car2Go, Zipcar). I use these services so often now, that I find them indispensable.

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  • What's Right About Car Sharing

    By Hart Schwartz | February 2016

    For the past 6 months, I've been writing a peer-reviewed study of the recent explosion in car-sharing and ride-sharing (Zipcar, Car2Go, Uber, etc.). In a draft version of the study, I wrote of "business model growth barriers," documenting issues such as insurance, theft, regulation, real estate costs, etc.

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  • Inching Along...

    By Hart Schwartz | January 2016

    Sitting in traffic in a pay-by-the-minute Car2Go, I found myself frustrated and yelling, "It's unbelievable that people actually live like this!" First, because I knowingly got into the situation I was in, and second because, well, I was frustrated by the standstill.

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  • Have you ever thought about what your Uber driver's day is like? Is this a glimpse into the future?

    By Hart Schwartz | December 2015

    Understanding the day of an Uber driver leads to clearer recognition of how these services could, in the long-run, change driving patterns. In the course of preparing a study on urban mobility services, I've talked with many drivers.

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  • Let's Get Real, People

    By Hart Schwartz | November 2015

    There seems to be a general idea that the suburbs are coming to an end: Millennials are going to live happily ever after with their smartphones and only use Uber and public transportation. Many prestigious firms get caught up in this hype and make statements about the future of urban transportation, which have only the faintest grounding in factual analysis, and betray a very shallow understanding of American urbanism. It's a fantasy land.

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  • Is Car-Sharing Reducing the Need for Personal Vehicles?

    By Hart Schwartz | October 2015

    Much ink has been spilled over a study suggesting that for every Zipcar, 15 personal vehicles are taken off the road. Auto industry analysts have greeted this with alarm, fearful that Zipcar will wipe out auto sales in the future.

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  • First Ride in a Car2Go

    By Hart Schwartz | September 2015

    What!? I'm supposed to get around in this little two-seater? I'm stepping into my first Car2Go, to take a ride around downtown Washington, D.C., and the car looks like this...

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  • 2015 University Case Competition

    By Justin Goninen | August 2015

    In the inaugural Fuels Institute case competition, my team and I were challenged to imagine the future of fuels. The three of us are industrial engineers who had interned together the summer before at a national retailer. We like to think of ourselves as problem-solvers and were excited to dive into a new industry.

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