Future Capabilities of Combustion Engines and Liquid Fuels

This new report presents a high-level summary of research and development projects focused on improving the ICE efficiency and emissions and reducing the carbon intensity of liquid fuels.
A Best Practice Guide for EVSE Regulations

This report harnesses the vast market experience of key stakeholders to identify those policies implemented by authorities that support the efficient installation of electric vehicle charging stations as well as those that impede such installations.  The report serves a critical need to properly navigate through inadequate or outdated regulatory requirements that are a significant barrier to development of a robust EV charging infrastructure.   
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EV Charger Deployment Optimization

An analysis of U.S. state-level electric vehicle supply equipment demand forecast and supporting infrastructure considerations.
Read executive summary here.

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Our Process

The Fuels Institute is a nonprofit dedicated toward studying transportation-energy. Research topics are chosen by our Board of Advisors and voted on by our Board of Directors. These Boards are made up of a diverse cross-section of the transportation-energy industry to ensure our work from conception to publication is fair, unbiased and collective.

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Please contact Amanda Appelbaum, Director of Research, for more information.

How to Bid on an RFP

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Support our Research

The Research Fund empowers the Board of Advisors to focus on the most important topics and answer the most relevant questions with the knowledge that funding is not a concern. Supporting the Research Fund of the Fuels Institute will ensure that the organization continues contributing balanced and objective analyses of the critical issues facing the transportation energy sector.

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